The Rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Nikolaos G.  Papaioannou

Professor of the School of Veterinary Medecine 

 Going back to the time when humans started to express their curiosity about their surroundings and themselves, and through the time of realizing their mortal ignorance, two pillars of philosophy emerged in the world: the Greek and the Chinese philosophy. With their respected apostles Aristotle and Confucius, whose names honor our academic and national traditions, our two nations continue to shape the world in all of life’s aspects.

In our days, in the era of information and postmodernism, it is of outmost importance to realize that individuals, corporations and states, are a unified living organism, in a relation of co-dependence. Therefore, progress and prosperity can only be achieved through cooperation in the fields of science, business, humanitarian studies, technology, human ethics and culture.

The Confucius Institute of A.U.Th will promote these objectives through the development of certified Chinese language courses to Greek students and citizens, the organization of activities on culture, philosophy, arts and other daily activities, all of which attest to the excellent bilateral relations between Greece and China. Important targets are also the development of exchange programs of students and faculty between our Universities, and the promotion of business co-operations between Greece and China, on critical research issues.

The establishment of the Confucius Institute in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is a milestone for a long-term cooperation which will bear fruit for both countries.

We hope a successful celebration of your 70th anniversary and we wish you spiritual strength to continue your work in bringing a better future for China, Greece and the whole world.

Greek Director of the Confucius Institute  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece

Roula Tsokalidou

Professor, School of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education

Dear Liou Tao,

We are very happy to greet the 70th Anniversary of the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), an internationally recognized, prestigious academic institution with multiple disciplines, committed to excellence and the preparation of professionals with international expertise, capable to address the critical challenges of our times. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is proud to cooperate with SISU on creating the new Confucius Institute at A.U.Th. At CI at A.U.Th we aim to provide a new academic home for the promotion of the Chinese language and culture, as well as to create new a hive for new research and innovative ideas that will further strengthen the cooperation of our two institutions for the benefit of students, academics and citizens.  We are now starting our work at CI and we are very happy that this new beginning coincides with a very important anniversary for SISU! We wish you great success for the years to come and promise to be on your side!

Best regards,

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